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Hidden features in gbwhatsapp and why you need it

I know most persons would get this so interesting and fun too..
What is Gbwhatsapp?
Gbwhatsapp is an upgrade of your normal whatsapp you can find on play store.

Gbwhatsapp is blessed with so much features in it!
Some great deals in gbwhatsapp.
Would be using gb for Gbwhatsapp.

Gb offers 7mins max status video. Cool right?
For those who likes privacy, gb is the best go for you.
Ever wanted to view someone status without the person being notified that you viewed it? Gbwhatsapp comes with that feature.
Normal whatsapp comes with that same feature but at the same time stops you also from knowing when someone viewed your status. 🙄🙄
Gb also let you get a message, read it and still gives the sender a one tick ✅ which means message sent but not delivered. While the user with gb has received and read it. Cool right😉😉😉.

Online privacy: For the ladies who gets tired of messages from guys who they don't like or they are avoiding, this is for you😆😆. For the guys who are tired of " please send me recharge card messages" from girls, this is for you😂😂. Gb helps to hide your online status 😋😋.

Anti revoke: This is one of the most essential of them all, ever gotten a " message deleted"? Gb helps to revoke deleted messages, images, videos or anything that was deleted by the sender. Cool right?

Writing status: This also disables the notification people get when you are typing a message to send. By enabling this feature, this makes the receiver not to know when you are typing a message.

Blue record/Blue tick: Disables blue tick in the sender when you play an audio or read a message.

Audio upload size: You can send audio of max 100mb.

Video upload size: You can send audio of max 50mb.

Status quality: Maximum quality in pictures you send or download.

Ability to save statuses images and videos, so you don't have to be asking them to send you video or images you like when they update status.

Ability to customize your gb to your desire, change fonts and lots more.
Ability to also encrypt chosen contacts conversation from friends or anyone.

Gb is the key to privacy and security.
Found this helpful and you want to download gb?

Download Gbwhatsapp HERE
Simple and great!! Happy privacy😎

Any questions or worries?
Comment below for assisstance.

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  1. I heard there was a massive ban on pple that used whatsapp mod sometime ago. Hope I won't be banned.


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