Possible errors in HTTP injector and solutions.

Possible issues encountered with the HTTP injector VPN, So i will be dropping encountered problems and solutions to them below.

Error message of " incompatible config file ".

It simply means the configuration file you are trying to import doesn't support a lower version of the application that you are using.

SOLUTION: Simply update your HTTP application HERE or Directly from Google PlayStore HERE

Error message of " injecting ".

This happens when your mpulse data has been exhausted or you are using a different configuration file for another data.
example 1. After exhausting your capped 50mb daily, it automatically starts showing " injecting ".
example 2. Using 0.0kb injector file for mpulse data shows " injecting " also.
example 3. Using mpulse configuration file for 0.0kb.

SOLUTION: After exhausting your capped 0.0kb data, simply switch over to your mpulse by importing MTN mpulse Config file.

Error message of " connection and disconnection repeatedly ".

This happens often mostly on low end devices.

SOLUTION 1: Try putting your device on Airplane mode and try connecting again.
SOLUTION 2: Rebooting your device can also help.
SOLUTION 3: Also clearing HTTP injector Data and Cache.

NOTE: You can also drop issues encountered on comment box for solutions.

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