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Change Screen DPI size

Are you an Android 6.0+ user??
If yes this is for you!!

This tips helps in increasing or decreasing your screen display size to your taste.
For those who find it difficult to see fonts displayed on the screen as a result of TINY words, reducing the DPI helps.

For those who likes to get a full view of a page and full display should increase DPI size. 

Simple way to customise your phone DPI (No ROOT)...
Reduce/Increase Screen DPI size!!

Follow steps to get it done!!
1. Go to settings⏩⏩
2. Click on About phone⏩⏩
Click on About Phone
3. Keep tapping on Build Number ( you should get a notification telling you that you are now a developer)..⏩⏩
Already a developer

4. Go back and you should be able to see  Developer Option before About Phone.⏩⏩

Developer Option

5. Click on Developer Option and scroll down to where you see smallest width, change the number to your desire from 360 - 590!!
Max 590dpi / Min 340dpi
Changed mine to 530.

NOTE: The higher the number, the more DPI size reduces. While the lower the number the bigger DPI size increases!!

No risk of phone bricking!
100% Save
YouTube video
View image below for Before and after!!

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  1. Nice, but my back button and minimize button swapped. It was weird

    1. Lol.. What number did you increase it to? You reduce it a little if you don't like just the way it is swapped.

    2. Anything above 370 swaps it.


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