HD Screen recorder and Screenshot
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HD Screen recorder and Screenshot

How would you feel getting something with lots of quality at a cheap prize?
Its amazing getting to know about Screen Recorder.
  1. HD quality Record ⏺
  2. Super Screenshot 📹 
  3. Time delay before record ⏺ 
  4. 3.5mb in size
  5. Magic Button 🔳 
  6. Resolution increase or decrease🎖️
  7. Bitrate 👌
  8. Record Audio or not🔉 
  9. Sound Quality and lots more useful features⛮.

You can now screen record ⏺ or take super fast shots of every movie 🎦 scene at a go, Download directly from here Screen Recorder
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  1. Needed this for so long. Thank you

  2. Aah... Thanks I love the size
    Am tired of mobizen let me try this


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