How To View Someone Hidden XHide Files.

One thing is to hide another is to be sure of safety.
Always wondered where XHide files always go to when hidden, but can be accessed when opened by the right user.
So i decided to go into deep search on my Android to see if i could bypass that security.
Finally i came across the Trick and it worked like magic.
Now i simply just view friends private videos, messages, call logs and pictures hidden with no atom of being suspected of tempering with their privacy.

Follow steps below to see Hidden XHide files with ease:

  • Simply go to your File manager(Internal storage)
  • Activate Show hidden files
  • Search for a folder named .xHideData and open it
  •  Click on .nomedia
  • you can now see all hidden files (Videos, Recording, images and more)
  • Simply click on which you want to view
  • Observe that the file has a ? sign (File format not supported) , dont be disappointed.
  • Rename the file by simply erasing the .xfile
  • When renamed,  simply feel like a boss and access them freely. 
Image help:

Now you can view the hidden files.
After that you can easily rename it to normal to avoid being suspected of intruding, by simply adding back the .Xhide.

Note:This post is basically created for educational purpose.
Legitdroidphonehack will not be held responsible if misused.

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  1. Lol. Can't believe it worked. Saw a picture of me on friends Phone and I taught she deleted it all this while. Deleted it and removed all to normal
    God bless you!


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