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Mpulse Update πŸ‘‚

It have come to my notice that MTN mpulse stated to be as follows.
#50 for 50mb
#150 for 350mb
Still remains the previous data capped before now, but now for some selected sims.
Seen about 10 users still getting the 1.2gig for #150 and still working flawlessly with the help of VPN Apps.

A user currently still subbing for the #150 1.2gig sent a video of prove!
Cant send the video so i made a SS of it below.

For those who are still lucky, should continue the Gift.
Note: Works for selected sims, you can try #50 weekly to be sure your sim is eligible before going for 14days.

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  1. Yeah I'm enjoying this too. Clocked 12gb doing it 10 times...
    No dulling

    1. Wow.. Good news!! Keep enjoying while it lasts!πŸ˜‚

  2. Wish it will work for me. The night before mtn reduced the data, I sub reach am still Using it till now.


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