Notisave application must have
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Notisave application must have

Notisave application is a must have for all android user.
It doesn't just save messages,it keeps your notification bar always clean and save spies from just scrolling down and getting to see all your notifications while unlocked.

Most essential reason people download this app is for the fact it saves messages even when they are deleted by the sender.
Example below
Very cool i must say, for those who doesn't want to use the Gbwhatsapp i guess this is a must have for you.

Notisave  Download link here 
Notisave application is less than 4mb.
User friendly and easy to use..

Procedures below

For those whose devices are rooted, you can simply purchase the premium using luckypatcher.
Proves below

Now you can enjoy premium notisave for for a year free.

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