🔥 Tips Airtel 2g Unlimited Plan

Here it is another alternative for those who only loves to chat.
This data sub only works on 2g network and am pretty sure nobody values 2g anymore because of its slow download.
Fair enough, this data plan works very fine and fast in browsing and chatting.
It's a way of keeping everyone active on the Internet and its unlimited. 
Haven't gone too deep into it because you just cant finish the data before expiring date. 

Now the cheat on how to make use of it in downloading is simple and easy:
For those who wants to download a movie or update apps on playstore can simply stay active at night.
At night all network experiences a super speed connection. 
Started downloading  a movie of 404mb at 10:15pm and woke up later at midnight by 3am🕒 and saw the download was done!

You just have to make sure your browser doesn't disconnect when your screen is off. 
You can easily deactivate clean up after sleep and pin your browser to be able to download all through the night. 

How to subscribe:
Simply dial *482# and you should see the below options. 
Choose your choice and you are good to go. 
  • #200 for 10days unlimited
  • #500 for 28days Unlimited

Note: Works on all sims and only works on 2g network mode.
You can easily switch your preferred network selection to 2g only, by simply going to your mobile network settings and changing it.

Credit: @Hillaboy
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