11 Ways To Save Your Android Battery Life

Lets discuss some critical issues why Android battery πŸ”‹ life gets weak and bad.
Imagine getting an Android device and you enjoy super long lasting battery πŸ”‹ life for few months and all of a sudden battery πŸ”‹ life gets to last for just some hours. This can be so annoying and discouraging. 

Today i decided to drop few observed reasons why battery cells gets bad and solutions on how to ensure healthy battery πŸ”‹ life.

Reasons and possible solutions 
  1. Maintain the use of your device original charger. Each device charger comes with its own unique way of charging that particular device. Imagine using a hot 5 charger to charge a device with a fast charge enabled like Note 3, Note 4 and Note 5. This takes days to get it fully charged. 
  2. Avoid overcharging πŸ”Œ. Letting your device sleep over on electricπŸ”Œ while fully charged makes the device batteryπŸ”‹ weak, making the cells weak. This can also lead to swollen battery πŸ”‹. Most expecially for those devices with non-removable battery.
  3. Before going to bed πŸ› ensure you reboot your device πŸ“±. By doing so, you keep your device alive and also this helps to force stop all foreground applications from running. 
  4. Avoid charging πŸ”Œ frequently. Most people avoid letting their battery πŸ”‹ percent to fall below 60%, it is advisable to frequently let battery πŸ”‹ percentage fall to zero, this boosts your battery life back to normal. Once battery πŸ”‹ percentage gets to zero, simply make sure you use a strong electric source and a perfect charger to attain fully charge to 100%. By so doing you experience long lasting battery life.

  5. Avoid charging πŸ”Œ your device with a low voltage πŸ’‘source. Try as much as possible to avoid charging your android device with low voltage ⚡ generators (I pass my neighbour). Imagine charging your Infinix Note 3, Note 4 or Note 5 with a low voltage generator. This kills your battery πŸ”‹ cells. Make a test with this, try charging over a Lister diesel Generator and (I pass my neighbour generator). Note πŸ—’ time ⌚ of charge and how long battery πŸ”‹ lasts after charge.
  6. Avoid charging your device with a powerbank. This is a major battery πŸ”‹ damage equipment. I know many persons can't go without a powerbank and i can attest to that, but yet try to get a high quality and good charging powerbank with mega MAH capacity. Imagine charging a 4500mah capacity device with a 5000mah powerbank. This kills battery πŸ”‹ cells faster than you can imagine. 
  7. Don't make the mistake of charging your device with a laptop. You should know now that charging your device with a laptop keeps your laptop battery πŸ”‹ and Device battery πŸ”‹ at risk.
  8. Using a none USB connection cable helps to speed up your battery πŸ”‹ charge. You can get a USB cable that doesn't connect to systems from a phone accessory shop. This cable is mainly for charge only and nothing more. 
  9. Avoid using your device while charging. Pretty sure its difficult to keep to this but you should try to avoid making use of your device while charging. Imagine pumping a punctured balloon 🎈 .
  10. Give your device battery πŸ”‹ more life by simply attaining 3mins charge over when fully charged. 
  11. Force stopping active foreground applications helps to save battery πŸ”‹ life also. 

⚠️ Note
If you can try to keep just 5 out of 11 ways, am sure your battery πŸ”‹ is going to perform better than before.

Do you have any other way of saving your battery life? Feel free to drop your suggestion or experience below.

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  1. Great post u just made
    Keep d good work going

    1. Thank you. Just keep sharing to help others too.
      We care

  2. What if your battery is already a little weaker.. is there a way to boost it?

    1. No! Get a new one and keep it safe, or better still try using a good fast charger and charge from zero to 100.


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