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Airtel free 4000mb (4g)

Its no new news anymore, just as MTN wired free 4052mb free data value to customers who upgraded their sims from 3g to 4g.
Airtel recently started wiring free 4000+mb to all esteemed customers who upgrades their 3g sims to 4g.

Another sweet part is that, you can simply buy a new Airtel 4g sim and boom you get the offer.

Airtel seems to be ready for some hit-up come 2019, we should all sit back and expect super Hot shots from Airtel come 2019.

Note: Any 4g sim will be awarded the 4000mb, but can only be used on a 4g enabled device.

So, i guess you should hurry to get a 4g enabled device or better still insert sim to a 4g enabled device and tether Hotspot to browse over with your device.

Maximum Airtel 4g download speed I have encountered was 4.2mb per second which was impressive.
Super fast I mean!!

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