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Fast charge tips and tricks

Good pm fams.
Decided to make a short review and observation on fast charge Android device, mostly Infinix devices.

Before i begin, for those who might be wondering what fast charge means or what its all about I would like to comment a little about it.

Fast charge/Quick Charge/Flash Charge
Quick Charge(Fast Charge) is a technology found in Quallcom Socs, used in devices such as mobiles, for managing power delivered over USB. It offers more power and thus charges batteries in devices faster than standard USB rates allow. 
Source: Wikipedia 

In my terms, Fast charge is an Android feature found in most special Android devices that helps in boosting the charge of your device.

I observed most Infinix device gets the fast charge deactivated once charge reaches 80-90%, making charge normal at that point.

Same occurrence with mine, so I decided to downgrade my Infinix Note 3 Noguat 7.0 back to 6.0 Marshmallow and I observed Fast Charge works very fine and charges up to 100% without being deactivated along charge.
Still charging with flash charge 98%
6.0 Fully Charged, none stop Flash Charge
Image of previous Version 7.0
94% deactivated
7.0 88% fast charge deactivated.
With this, am certain of not going back to an upgrade anymore.

For those who would take a test, better and best for you.
Most upgrades are downgrades!!
Also know that
Not all upgrades are upgrade!!

Now i believe you should get hold of a quick charge device and enjoy 1hr full charge.
Thank you
Next:  Safety In Fast Charge Devices.
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