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Glo banger #200 for 1.2gig

Glo done come again oh!
This time it's not just a data offer but a special data offer for selected sims.

The sweet part is that it doesn't require any VPN to power applications.
All you need is just

  • Luck
  • Glo #200
  • A strong data connection
  • Battery, for none stop surfing
Making it so easy and sweet for everyone.

Imagine buying data for as low as #200 for whooping 1.2gig.

How to subscribe.
1. *777#
 2. Press 1
 3. Press 1 again
 4. Press 5 then choose 2.

  Data offer valid for 3days.

LDPH makes things easy and fast.
Now when done you can start surfing the internet for as long as you have available data.

Note: This offer can be accumulated.
Meaning, with #1000 you can get a whooping 6gig valid for 3days.

Best used for huge download users😂

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Thank you


  1. Good one from grand masters of data. I wish they can extend it to at least one week

  2. Nice one from glo. LDPH i no receive anything last weekend o after you say make i drop my digit. I wait tire


  4. Working as said


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