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🔥 Glo data on and off solution.

Remember the huge data bonus given by GLO (Grand Master Of Data) when you recharge from your bank directly. 
Saw lots of people complaining on data connection disconnecting and connecting back, which makes browsing slow and discouraging. 

Overlooked the complains because I also encountered that same problem with my YAKATA data bonus and I had no solution to that. 

Same issue happened with Airtel, but this time, data connection remains but was unable to browse.
You would have to deactivate and activate data connection again to start browsing. 

Took it upon myself to find a solution and finally I did. 

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So kindly follow steps bellow to get this done with ease. 

  • Go to phone settings 
  • Go to More and select cellular network
  • Click on Access point names
  • Tap on the ➕ sign at the top right side of the screen to create a new APN. 
Now input 
Name - LDPH or any name you wish
APN - web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net
APN type - tick ✅ all. 
  • Now simply tap on the three dotted icons right and save. 
When done activate the new APN and you can continue browsing without network fluctuating  
Note: Don't bother about the APN name, just use the above MTN APN. It works just fine and good. 
Tested by 5 active members of LDPH.

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Thank you 


  1. When I changed to Glo yakata
    I was not given all those benefits
    I had to withdraw

  2. If i do it, hope i Wil still enjoy my free mb and others?

    1. Sure you will..
      It only gives your data connection Stability 💪

    2. In the apn type, mine doesn't support dun.
      And if i put the mnc 30, it will not save.
      Or should i leave those part as default and change only the apn?


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