Hidden fingerprint features and how to

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Hidden fingerprint features and how to

Hello there! 
Is your Android device fingerprint enabled? 
If yes, you are not wrong viewing this.

We bring to your notice awesome features in your Android that you don't know.

Lets go straight.
Fingerprint is a unique feature present in most android device that gives strong security to Android devices.

Most common used  fingerprint sensor by Android users is simply to unlock 🔓 their Android device.
Which doesn't just end there! 

Here are some cool amazing features of the fingerprint sensor. 
  1. Take photos
  2. Accept calls
  3. Browse pictures. 
  4. You can find more useful fingerprint sensor with xposed. 
Take photos:
You can easily go to camera and tap on the fingerprint sensor to take cool shots with ease. 

Accept calls:
This is a very cool feature, meaning you don't have to drag you finger to the right any more to answer calls, you just simply tap the fingerprint sensor and its done.
Also, you can record voice calls by simply holding the fingerprint sensor for few seconds to start call record while on call.

Browse Pictures:
This is also a nice and amazing cool feature, you no longer have to swipe over your screen to next a picture, all you do is simply swipe to left or right via fingerprint sensor and pictures goes next or previous, depending on your direction of swipe.
With xposed modules, you can access lots of amazing features of the fingerprint sensor, like
  • Play ▶ or stop ✋ music🎶
  • Minimize
  • Split screen and lots more amazing features.
How amazing having this features with you all this while and you have no idea about it.
Join our community and learn lots more amazing features of your device. 
Get an Android and take charge!
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Nnoka Godswill
I am Nnoka Godswill, an Electronics and Computer Engineering student. I love writing about tech and phone reviews. Contact me if you like what I do and you want me as an author on your blog [email protected] Gracia❤️

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