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How to activate Android Cast Screen to system

This tutorial is simple and explanatory. 
I would be going straight to the point without further ado.

What is cast screen?
Cast screen is simply an Android feature that enables users to share display screen over to other enabled cast screen devices.
Meaning with cast screen, you can watch a particular movie or perform a particular task in real time on multiple devices at a go. 

Take an instance:
Imagine you are in a different room and you would want to watch same movie your friend or brother is watching and he or she is in a different room but still under same compound or roof.
Cast screen helps activate your device and the persons device making you watch exactly same thing the person is watching and with cast screen enabled  you get to see whatsoever the other user is doing with his device. 

Feature: Cast Screen uses WiFi and don't forget it works perfectly with close range. So make sure the distance isn't much.

Very cool I must say!

So today I would give tutorial on how to cast Laptop screen display over with an Android.

Follow steps:

  • Open your notification drawer and activate Cast screen
  • Enable wireless display when you open cast
  • Now select and right click on the video you want to watch on your system.
  • Now select option " Cast to Device  "
  • Wait for it to scan for available device
  • When search is completed click on the searched device and follow prompt messages on you Android device.
Finally you can now watch and see anything displayed on your laptop directly in your Android.

How to deactivate from cast screen when done. 
If along the way you get anything wrong, let us know.

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