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How to activate virtual key dropdown function

What is virtual key dropdown?
This is simply the ON SCREEN option on your Android, that has options of the back button, home button and minimising button.

Bored of always getting your back buttons πŸ”³ occupying some cool screen display?
If yes, you can easily activate virtual key dropdown, which hides the backbutton in one click and comes up again by simply swiping up from bottom.

How to activate Virtual key πŸ— dropdown function. 
1. Go to phone settings
2. Open display option 

3. Now scroll down to Virtual key dropdown and activate it.

When successful, check for your dropdown option.
Now observe before and after πŸ‘‡

You can easily bring back your quick buttons by simply swiping your finger up from the bottom of your screen.

⚠️ Works only on device with on screen virtual buttons.

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