How to deny apps from displaying ads (none rooted)

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How to deny apps from displaying ads (none rooted)

Was thinking on how i could avoid ads display on offline applications, so i came across a trick on how to do that.

This tutorial doesn't require root, because its an app that would be used to make sure it stops ads.
Using this method is simple and safe as it is an installed and inbuilt application in most android device.

1. First of all make sure your device have a system manager or Xmanager as the case may be.
Going through this app, you would come accros lots of features in the app.
2. The one that should interest you now, is the Bandwidth Manager.
This controls all Data connection access on your device. More like a control room for data!

3. Now tap on bandwidth manager and go to Network manager.
4. Now you can simply deny a particular application from using your data connection.

Mostly for offline applications like, beauty plus and photogrid. Lots more to mention or think about.
Ads only display when the app have a working data connection access.

By denying data connection, it prevents app from displaying on screen ads for that particular app denied.

With this process you can now enjoy offline apps with ease and no ads displayed.

Note: You can always allow or deny any application at anytime.
This also saves data, just by denying background apps that consumes lots of data.
Let us know if you are lost or how it worked for you.

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