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How to set up tag security option on facebook

Very useful tool and Facebook feature. 
What is Facebook Tag?
Tagging basically involves including a friend's name to any of your posts. This makes lots of sense back then when it was strictly meant for photos, because you only have to upload photos and tag friends who appeared in them.
Also know that, posts you tag the person in may also be added to that person's timeline. If and only if Tag security option is not activated.

It's no more big deal any more as anybody can just simply tag you into photos and statuses you are not even present, and this is crazy.
Imagine someone always tagging you everyday and it pops up to your timeline every time.
Most persons gets tagged almost 20times per day from different and mostly a particular friend.
So today I will be guiding you on how to set Tag security πŸ” option.
Timeline and Tagging Security Option Features:
  • Decide who can post on your timeline. 
  • Decide who can see what others post on your timeline. 
  • Decide to allow post sharing to stories. 
  • Decide who can see posts you're tagged in on your
  • timeline. 
  • When you're tagged in a post,you can decide who you want to be added to audience of the post if they can't
  • already see it?
  • Ability to review tags people add to your posts before the tags appear on Facebook. 
  • Option to review posts you're tagged in before the post
  • appears on your timeline.
How to activate Timeline and Tagging feature. 

  • Go to faceebook settings. 
  • Go to Privacy πŸ” 
  • Go to Timeline and Tagging.

Now simply select options you want and get free from unnecessary tags and keep your timeline clean always.
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