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How to unblock yourself when blocked by someone on their call log

Many people are victims of been blocked by friends, business partners, love partners and many more.

Now I am here to reveal the good news 📰. 

The reason I am making a post of this, is simply because I am victim of circumstance😂😂.
How to know when fired! 
You get instant line busy prompt, when phone is about to ring.
What am about to tell you is simply a way to bypass the blocking. 
Instead of using different numbers 🔢 to keep calling the person and still get blocked, you can just encrypt the persons number and call 📞

Simply edit number before call 📞 and add #31# before the number.
E.g. #31#08146542336

By dialing this code, it only shows private number 🔢 on the receiver phone.

Don't be scared of getting blocked when using #31#, reason being that receiver gets no identity  of caller.

This doesn't hide your identity on all outgoing calls, but hides identity on the particular number added with #31#.

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