Most useful gbwhatsapp/whatsapp feature

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Most useful gbwhatsapp/whatsapp feature

As we all know gbwhatsapp to be a super

cloned upgrade of Whatsapp and also
known to be endowed with lots of amazing
features than normal whatsapp.

Decided to share the most important and
cool feature of gbwhatsapp.

The Ability To Pin Multiple Of Chats:
You may ask why pin chats and also want
to know what it means.

This simply means the ability to set
dedicated contacts as priority, making it to
be displayed first and always at the top of your chat screen. 

For those who get lots of messages and
wouldn't like to start looking for important
conversations, can now simply pin that
particular contact to be seen at the top
of the chat screen always.

All You Need To Do Is Simple.
>Hold on the contact you wish to pin
and tap on the pin icon as shown

Now you dont need to start going through
lots of messages before reaching the most
valued message.

Works also on normal whatsapp messenger but maximum pinned contact is 3, while with gbwhatsapp you get to pin multiple contacts with ease and above 15.
Tested by me!

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