Tips on how to identify a fast charge device or not.

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Tips on how to identify a fast charge device or not.

In the previous post Fast Charge Tips we discussed the meaning and how it works.
You can take a look again to get this right if you haven't gone through it.

Simple tips on how to know if your device is a fast charge or not.
1. It's always displayed on the phone carton and also in the screen guard of the device in first purchase.
2. You get 2 charge indicators at the top of status bar when ever its been plugged with its original charger or fast charge charger.
3. Always shows in the notification drawer.
4. Device gets a high temp a little bit than normal and charges so fast.
5. Your charger speaks better.

If you know you know😂.
Don't misplace a fast charge charger or you are going to regret it.

With the few tips am sure you are good to go.
If you would like to get a fast charge device and you are still not sure about it, simply go to a phone shop and request for a fast charge device or better still drop the device name you wish you to get so i will be able to give you feed back.

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