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Wonders Of Android Xposed Modulus (Root)

Opportunity to learn more about your rooted Android device.

Going on a full tutorial on how to be a Droid developer using Xposed Modulus.

Are you in any way tired of your Android UI interface or you just want a total change on your Android device?
Don't miss this opportunity!

  • Thanks to the developers of Xposed Modulus. 

There is nothing you would want in any Android that you cant get when rooted.
If its not available now, definitely it will be as time goes.

Would be posting all requirements on the next post and necessary apps needed to be developer. 

Some few things Xposed can do:

  1. Disable fingerprint error message
  2. Disable pattern lock red dot error display 
  3. Unlimited pattern trials
  4. Pin scramble in lock screen
  5. Add custom image to notification drawer
  6. Change your Notification drawer settings
  7. Disable no notification message when notification drawer is empty. 
  8. Customise status bar in divers ways. 
  9. Change position of time in status bar. 
  10. Hid clock, vibrate icon and battery icon. 
  11. Change imei
  12. Reduce screen brightness 🔆 to zero. 
  13. Add Navigation buttons to force close apps, take screen shots and lots more.
  14. Expand media volume and separate Message volume from Ringing tone.

Thousands of features to learn and explore.

In the cause of using Xposed, be rest assured of a step of becoming a hacker also.
Diversity in tech with Xposed.
Brought to you by LDPH!!

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