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7 tips on how to reduce android overheating

7 android tips to stop over heating 
Does your Android device heat up too quick?
If yes, then you can continue reading!

Most Android device gets heat up too quickly and causes fast drainage of battery πŸ”‹. 
Wondered or ever imagined if devices outside Nigeria πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬ gets this hot πŸ”₯ also?
Despite there usage and fast internet connection network, hardly to hear or witness a victim of Heated device.

Had a cool conversation with someone at Canada 🍁, and asked if he ever experienced hotness of device that much. 
He was plain and said No. 
I began to ask lots more questions just for him to at least say yes, instead he told me, it doesn't because of the current weather condition of the region (snow).

You don't expect your Android device here in Nigeria to be everly cool. Only answering a call for about 5minutes under the sun ☀, your phone turns to be an Iron.
You can make use of your device in an air conditioned room and you could see changes while using your device.
Takes time to get heated, despite your high CPU usage. 
That is just how it is, you should try to know the normal Android temperature and when its becoming abnormal.

Some possible causes of overheating:
  1. Active background applications
  2. High screen brightness πŸ”† 
  3. Active data connection while using. 
  4. Charging while using. 
  5. Phone Case(Pouch)
  6. Active high CPU usage applications
  7. Temperature of the environment at instant time.

Possible Solutions of overheating:
  • Active Background Applications : As long as your device is ON, surely there are background applications always running and active. You could try as much as possible to force close some background applications and disable auto start applications. This also saves RAM and speeds up Android task.
  • High Screen Brightness πŸ”† : This is one of the most common cause of overheating. Many Android users always keep there brightness to the highest level  which causes drainage of battery πŸ”‹ and gets device heated up too quickly. 
Advisable to manually reduce device brightness πŸ”† based on environmental condition or set brightness level to Automatic. This helps to adjust brighteness based the environment.
  • Active Data connection while using: We all know data connection drains battery πŸ”‹ and gets device temperature hot, we also know while using 2g, 3g and 4g, battery πŸ”‹ drainage and heating are respectively different. You can decide to keep your 4g active and not using the device and observe battery goes down normal than when active and being used. Advisable to always switch between 3g and 4g depending on your instant use. If you are about to download huge files or movies, you can decide to switch over to 4g for fast download. While on normal chatting and streaming you can decide to activate 3g connection. 

  • Charging while using⛔: This doesn't just heat up your device, this might also cause harm to your device and for sure it damages your Android battery πŸ”‹. Best advisable to stop usage while charging or stop charging while using. Your choice🚫🚫
  • Phone Case (pouch): Allow your device breath while using. Using your device for long and being covered with a pouch enhances overheating and drains battery πŸ”‹ faster. Try to naked your device and allow it breath. Observe battery and temperature while using  in a pouch and when naked.
  • Active high CPU usage applications: Most Android applications are good at heating up device as a result of high CPU and Memory needed to run application. Avoid keeping them acfive for long. 

  • Temperature of the environment at instant time: Hotness or coldness of the environment can also cause hotness and fast drainage of device. While on a sunny day you should expect devuce temperature higher than normal, while on a cloudy ⛅ day you can expect normal temperature of device.
With this I belive your Android device should experience a change.
In case you find out more possible solutions and ways on to resolve or reduce Andorid overheating, feel free to drop them below the comment box.

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