How To Backup And Recover All WhatsApp Chats

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How To Backup And Recover All WhatsApp Chats

Ever wanted to switch over from Normal WhatsApp to Gbwhatsapp and you find it too difficult to do just that as a result of fear of loosing your chats or you unknowingly uninstalled your WhatsApp and lost all chats.

Gone are those days when uninstalled apps still keeps its folder and files active on the internal storage or external, now when ever you uninstall an app, its folder and files are automatically deleted from storage.
Today I will be giving you best option on how to backup all WhatsApp chats and recover them back on a new WhatsApp install or switch.

There Are Two Easy Steps!
  1. Gbwhatsapp Settings
  2. WhatsApp Settings
Firstly This Is Also For Both Gbwhatsapp And Normal WhatsApp
  • go to your WhatsApp/Gbwhatsapp settings (Either WhatsApp or Gbwhatsapp)
  • Click on chats
  • Click on back up chats and wait while its been backed up directly to WhatsApp folder.

Secondly, This Is Mainly For Gbwhatsapp Users.
  • Click on Gbwhatsapp settings
  • Now locate number 6 (Other MODS)
  • Locate 6.7 (Backup Data)
  • Tap on it and you are done.

Difference between Step 1 and Step 2 is this.
With step 2, you don't actually need to verify your WhatsApp number again. It just simply gets back all your chats and login.

While with step 1, it only gets to recover back your chats and you have to verify your WhatsApp number.

In order for you not to loose your backed up data folder as a result of uninstalling to get a new version, simply:
  • Go to your file manager and locate (Gbwhatsapp folder or WhatsApp folder) depending on your WhatsApp being used, now just cut the folder and paste it into your memory card or you can decide to paste it on any folder inside your device memory.
  • When done you can uninstall the WhatsApp and install the new one. 
  • Now go back to the folder where you have the cut Gbwhatsapp/WhatsApp and cut it back and paste on the root of your internal storage. 
  • Now open your WhatsApp or Gbwhatsapp and continue with all chats recovered at ease.
Note: You can as well get a new WhatsApp update without uninstalling and installing a new one.
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