Http Config Files for mtn 100mb and mpulse

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Http Config Files for mtn 100mb and mpulse

MTN 100mb and mPulse HTTP configuration files updates below.
Updated configuration file 23rd Jan 2019 - 28th Jan 2019.

Visit link every 3days for re-upload. 

Download Updated HTTP injector app below.

Download MTN 50mb Config files below

Download Mpulse configuration files below
How To Set-Up
  1. Install application after download and import any of the above configuration file depending on your preferred use.
  2. When imported successfully, tap on start button and you are connected in seconds.

Congrats, you can now surf the internet for free every day, capped at 100mb daily.

You can now power all applications using your MTN  mpulse data.

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Thank you 

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