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IMPORTANT!! Here Is How You Can Make Extra Money Online By Being A Scooper Soldier

Scooper Soldiers What Is Your Profession?!
2018 was probably rough because you were cash strapped. Scooper now offers you a cool way to make great cash online by promoting Scooper in the year 2019. 
Now, what better way to kick-start the New Year than exploring new ways to earn some extra cash?

Hello, I am Dennilsonwhyte and I’m pleased to introduce ‘Scooper Soldiers’ to all my users!
You can be a Champion Soldier and earn extra money fast.

Earn as much as N2500 for every 50 new users invitedN6000 for every new 100 users invitedand N13,000 for 200 new users invited using your unique referral links in two weeks.
Drive engagements on Scooper Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram)  by liking, commenting, sharing the posts and giving testimonials.

It’s that easy!

Kindly, ensure that your invitees install Scooper using your unique referral link, as this is the only way I can track your progress.
The window period to meet this target is two weeks. This means that some lucky Soldiers stand the chance of earning 2500 and N6000 every two weeks.

People who exceed the stipulated targets will be invited to different VIP level groups according to the number of invitees they make in two weeks. For example, VIP 1 group belongs to those who invite up to 50 new users and more, VIP 2 group are those who invite 100 users and above while VIP 3 are those who invite 200 new users always via their Unique Referral Link. These VIP levels are rewarded accordingly by SCOOPER. What a thrill!!!

Scooper Soldiers is a voluntary membership WhatsApp-based forum which is solely committed to activities aimed at promoting the use of the Scooper news app and growing its social media followership.
Every activity in the club is geared toward achieving the aforementioned objectives.
Soldiers are to adhere to the following rules:
The key aim of becoming a Soldier is to earn cash by inviting new users. The      WhatsApp group is solely for matters related to this task
1. Soldiers should direct all complaints to the Captain
2. Soldiers are to maintain civil communication on the group. Invectives are not allowed.
3.  Soldiers close for the day at 7 pm daily. Communication on the WhatsApp group is disallowed from this time.
Scooper will announce soldiers who meet the target every two weeks.

NOTE:  It will take  2-3 working days to verify your identities and invitees, afterward payment will be done to those who meet the target.

Are you ready for this one?!

I'm earning some cool cash on Scooper. Come on and join me to get coins. Coins can be converted to cash! 
 Click HERE
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Hey there!! Am Dennis Ani By name, Am a vast computer addict, Love anything in deep computer knowloledge and Business researcher, Love to make money tho with the help of God I will make my dream Come true,Hate Comparison and Amateur behaviors and lastly Hate drinking (DRUNK).

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