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Download Apps2sd PRO

Apps2SD PRO Features:

Very useful application for all Android Users!
Explore and trade with caution ⚠ ⚠

  1. • Link2SD: Link apk, odex, dex, lib internal data, external data and obb folders of user/system apps to SD card.
  2. • Busybox installer (No need to have a separate app to install busybox, Now Apps2SD ships with the busybox binry)
  3. • Uninstall system apps (remove bloat ware)
  4. • Move apps to SD card using native app2sd (force move if move to SD card is not supported by the app)
  5. • Enable and Disable apps
  6. • Batch link, unlink, enable, disable, convert, integrate, clear data/cache, move to SD, move to phone and many more functions
  7. • Automatically link newly installed apps (optional) and updated apps
  8. • Support for 32 and 64 bit devices
  9. • Support for arm, x86 and mips devices
  10. • Fix permission on 2nd partition
  11. • Terminal Emulator (Run shell script/commands)
  12. • Folder Mount (Link/Mount folders between internal/external sd card)
  13. • Screen Recorder for Kitkat+ devices
  14. • Task Manager (Free up RAM and CPU by killing running processes/apps)
  15. • App Manager (Enable/Disable Services/Activities/Broadcast receivers/Content providers)
  16. • Hibernate Apps (Hibernate user/system apps when screen turns off to save battery and improve performance)

  17. • Broken App Cleaner (delete unused files/folders and fix unable to download/install error from play store)
  18. • Hide Apps and Games (Hide apps with password protection)
  19. • Swap Manager: Ram booster (Create/Manage swap partitions/files)
  20. • Fix Device Lag (FSTRIM) for Android 4+ (Use device lag fixer to improve performance)
  21. • Partition Tool (Partition the SD card. Create upto 3 partitions on your SD card, fat32, exfat, f2fs, ext4, ext3 and ext2 are supported)
  22. • Backup/Restore Apps/Games/Sd card
  23. • Script Manager (Create/Run commands/custom linux scripts. Create script shortcut in home for easy access)
  24. • Throttle CPU (Throttle your CPU frequency when screen turns off or device boots for better battery life)
  25. • SD Card Booster (Boost Internal/External SD card speed by changing cache value)
  26. • SD Card Speed Test (Test read/write speed of your SD cards)
  27. • Advance Reboot options (Reboot, Soft Reboot, Power off etc)
  28. • Logcat (View/save/share Logcat of your device)
  29. • SDFix (Fix external sd card write permission)

All in one amazing app! 
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