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How to Get unlimited data with gidimo app


Good news.

Just as I posted about the free 150mb data by simply signing up to gidimo app.

Tho it was limited because you just have to register once and that is done with the line. 
So many people decided to be using different MTN sims for registration, and trust me that is damn stressful, just as you need verification of the sim.

So I thought of something and BOOM , it worked Now I am on 3000mb with this simple trick.

Without wasting much time lets ride on❤️. 

Download the following apps

When done.
🔥Open orbot
🔥Change location to United States and activate it. (you should see a key sign if connected successfully )
🔥Ensure you clear gidimo app data and cache from settings on every success data.
🔥Copy temp mail generated
🔥Go to textplus and signup to get free US number( Virginia (804)
🔥Open gidimo app and create new account. (fill in any thing and paste the mail you copied from
🔥After signing up  you will be required to verify your phone number.
🔥Go back to textplus and copy the number you just created and paste it back to gidimo app. Ensure to change Country code to UNITED States.

As you can see from the last image, I already did it 13times with this method.

Just follow steps and you are good to go. 

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  1. You really try bro, keep it up....

    1. Oh my Loyal and humble boss.. I am so grateful🔥🔥🔥

      I am forever loyal to you boss.

      I am working with you on this.
      Thanks to CEO

  2. invalid parameters when I tried to transfer the 150mb

  3. It is telling me invalid parameter

  4. Is also telling me Multiple Request

  5. It's telling me invalid parameter, is it because of the USA number i used for verification?

  6. @droidvillaofficial why not re-engineer the tricks used in this website for Indian audience and make it work for us in Nigeria.

    (It's updated to 2019)

    1. Thank you for your concern. Would work on that asap

  7. is this still working guys?


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