How to qualify for MTN WBACK data subscription #200 for 1gig

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How to qualify for MTN WBACK data subscription #200 for 1gig

For those who haven't yet been qualified for the WBACK data subscription can now be qualified.
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People who were qualified at some point are no more qualified for the WBACK data subscription.
Also those who were getting not qualified messages are now being qualified. 

How to check qualification status


You don't need to have #200 before checking qualification,
Simply dial *131*65# and choose any available plan.

If you are qualified you will get a message that operation failed due to insufficient balance if you don't have have up to the airtime for the subscription you choosed.

Now simply recharge and do any available subscription of your choice. 
You should get a successful message below

For those who aren't qualified will get a sorry message of  not been qualified for WBACK data.


  1. Observe date of not qualified and also date of success message images above. 
  2. If you get not qualified message, always retry every day and I am sure of a successful message one day🤗
  3. Data subscription can be accumulated, meaning that with #1000 you get whooping 6gig for a week. Or you can easily do monthly sub of 4gig which cost #1000 only.
  4. To check data, simply dial *131*4#

Pretty sure this is a good start for all lucky folks.
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  1. nd how does dis post hlp? rubbish

  2. Tried again it didn't work, but a friend tried his and it worked for him. I just have to keep trying each day fir mine. Thank you so much


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