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See what swiftkey keyboard can do that you don't know

One thing is to download another is to know the major and essence of the downloaded application.
Here I will be dropping my personal No1 Android keyboard for 2018/2019. 

One keyboard I am certain of is the SwiftKey keyboard.
SwiftKey keyboard. 

One key feature of the SwiftKey Keyboard is the fact that it saves and pins words which its users would love to use at later time. 

Imagine having a Word which is long and you get bored of typing it all over again everytime, when you can easily pin πŸ“ it to top and also make a shortcut of that particular word or sentence. 
Also imagine having to send your account details to your clients every day, and you keep on typing it when you can easily type it and save a shortcut of it. Eg  xxxxxx67 Jane bane United bank shortcut key Acct.
Now whenever you wish to send your bank details to a client or customer, or you have to do is simply type acct and you get your details produced in seconds. 
Image above explains it
Other features of SwiftKey Keyboard:

Emoji predictions 
You don't need to access the emoji icon to get a particular emoji, do you wish to send a fire emoji to someone? All you have to do is simply type Fire and you get the emoji displayed in prediction hub

Auto Correction 
Just keep typing and let SwiftKey do all corrections for you. 

Number roll
Access numbers directly on top of your keyboard screen without accessing them via long pressing of letters or accessing Number icon. 

Let your keyboard float to any part of your screen while typing.

Size adjustment
Reduce the height of your keyboard to make your screen full and easy to type.

Keyboard Layout
Changes layout of the keyboard to full, thumb or impact. 

Access thousands of amazing keyboard themes to keep your keyboard sweet and fun while typing. 

Access thousands of funny gifs and send to friends, groups, chats and lots more at a go. 

Access variety of amazing stickers using SwiftKey keyboard. 

Language Translator
Type and let SwiftKey translate your typed words into any language of your choiceπŸ‘. 

Words saving via SwiftKey cloud πŸŒ₯ account. 
Get a backup of all typed words to your cloud for easy access when switching to a new device.

SwiftKey keyboard comes with lots more amazing feature, you just have to keep coming across them as you use the keyboard each day. 

Note: Many other keyboard does same thing, so you are on your own ground to choose which serves you better. 

Thank you
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