How to stop websites from asking for your location

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How to stop websites from asking for your location

Ever got pissed with some certain sites requesting for your location?
Good news, you can now prevent Websites from Asking for Your Location with simply tips below!



Go to the settings inside this browser and under the preferences page check for the Show Advanced Settings option. Click on this option and thereafter click on the Content Settings button placed under the Privacy section. Come across the various options and look for the Location settings option or the section. Simply select the “Do Not Allow Any Site to track your Physical Location” option. That’s all!


Type in the Address field of the Firefox this simple keyword: about: config and then hit enter. This is the shortcut to the about screen of the Mozilla Firefox and from the page, it links you can be able to set the preferences for the location tracking. Accept the prompt that would appear on your screen after you reach the link page. Double click on the “Geo-enabled” option on the page and the Firefox will stop every site to track the location or ask for it!


Click the Tools option from the menu bar and then click on the Privacy tab. Check mark the Never allow websites to request your physical location option. That’s all!


Go to the Privacy settings and then set the Websites Use of Location Services to Deny without prompting. That’s all!

Now you can surf the web without location access!

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