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To ensure our mobile phones are safe and secured we apply lock access for privacy and protection from others. We change pattern locks more often so that no one  can know exact pattern to our device.
Even though we are conscious of how often we change them,we forget our locks code and patterns. Which flashing or resetting the device is a NO option as our files/pictures/contacts are so important to us.

Now Droidvilla brings a better option on How you can unlock any android forgotten device without loosing any file.
Check it out

1. Make sure you have installed drivers of your phone into PC
2. Make sure you flash custom recovery
3. Make sure you have fastboot Drivers


1. DOWNLOAD and install USB drivers of your phone from google.
NB: Every smartphone has different drivers, it's waste of Time to upload them here, so google and install and move on with procedures
2. Now flash a custom ROM recovery like TWRP,PHIZ AND etc in your device. Make sure you are flashing your phones drivers
Don't use iPhone drivers while you are using Samsung, Because flashing other device custom ROMs will brick your phone.
3. After flashing the custom ROM, switch your phone into recovery mode by holding down Power key + volume down key and navigate to select recovery

4. Now download fastboot drivers from GOOGLE and extract zip file then go to folder which you have extracted

5. Now connect the phone you installed the drivers to your PC and click on "Mounts and storage" option from phone

6. Now select "Mount/data" option and then it will mount the data from your device

7. Now on the fastboot drivers, press and hold "Right shift button" and right click any on the PC in blank space of folder and go to open "Command window here"

8. After that enter this command to make sure your device is attached properly to your PC

" Adb devices "

9. It will show you a list of attached device, if not displaying any device then reconnect your device and install your USB drivers again then try to and enter above commands to check again.
After getting your device move to next step.

10. Now in fastboot shell enter codes one by one

Adb shell

11. Now reboot your android device normally from recovery mode instantly

12. After rebooting your device the pattern lock then disappears and you will see swipe lock screen

13. If you still get a pattern on it
Just draw any pattern, I mean random pattern to unlock it easily

You are done

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