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Huawei's OS to start rolling out in June [HOT]

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The new Huawei OS to replace Android is known as HongMeng and is expected to be launched next month.
All Android apps are expected to work with it and will be available through Huawei's (AppGallery)

On May 20, Google announced that it would partially cut off Huawei devices from its Android operating system but was given an extension till August 19 by the US White House.
U.S. ban doesn't have to affect Huawei, despite its self-reliance in both hardware and software.

Huawei confirmation about the new OS shows that HongMeng might be ready for a launch in China in late 2019 with an international release sometime in 2020.
Definitely will be released, as Huawei claims to have had its own OS for years now and that it has been ready since January 2018.

The reason of it not being released all this while, was as a result of strong relationship with Google and others and wasn't ready to ruin the relationship. 
Now it's official as we are set to roll it out next month.

Still uncertain but guess there is already a plan-B!

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  1. Wow.. I thought as much, Huawei is up for the task!
    Thanks for updating us


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