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Tips on how to fix apk installation error for Android

Very annoying trying to install an application or even most times an update of same application and you get installation error (app not installed). This happens mostly when there are two different app signatures. 
So I am dropping few working and tested tips on how to fix that annoying installation error.

For applications giving you errors while installing, do any of the following tips:
  1. Try rebooting your device and turn it On back before installing again 
  2. Check the app installation version (installing a lower version while having a higher version installed already results to the error). You have to uninstall and install your choice. 
  3. Most applications are threat to your Android system, so you have to stay on installation screen to accept installation process when prompted as a threat.
  4. Installing 8.0 applications to a lower version of 4.0+ and 5.0 might slightly give same issues.

  5. Free up some internal storage to create room for installation.
  6. Resting app settings(for external update)
  7. Factory reset
This should work for any Android device.

Feel free to also add yours in comment box.
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