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Android battery saving tips


If you have been experiencing quick discharge of battery 🔋 unlike how it was when you first got the device, you should worry no more. Droidvilla got you covered on this!

Just as we all know, there are system applications you don't use but they are always active increasing battery usage which causes fast battery 🔋consumption and reduces Android system performance.

This tips works perfectly well on low end devices and will be noticeable in a short while of experience.

How can I do this?🙋

⏺️Simply go to Android settings 
⏺️Open About phone 📱 
⏺️Tripple tap or more (depending on the device) on Build Number

After being a developer👇👇👇

⏺️Go back to settings options
⏺️Scroll 📜 to Developer Options
⏺️Open and tick on the Developer Option button 🔳 
⏺️Scroll 📜 to where you can find Don't Keep activities and tick to activate🔳

What happens after activation?🙋

Note: On leaving any application, the system destroys all activities!
By so doing, all background applications are force-closed which helps to enhance 
Android system performance and reduce battery🔋consumption.

Note: in order not to force close downloads application, you can deactivate and activate back after successful download of your file. 


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