Does your Android freeze when data connection is activated? Check it out

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Does your Android freeze when data connection is activated? Check it out

This is a consistent annoying experience for all Android users, despite the smartphone capacity of processor,RAM and ROM.

Recently, I thought on how to resolve the issue of Android freezing  and solution to fast notification speed whenever data connection is activated. 

You might wonder why these happens only when data connection is activated.

Simply because all applications with notification access tends to come at once whenever data connection is enabled and this is definitely going to make your android freeze for few minutes.

So here is the best solution to Android freeze whenever data connection is enabled.

Follow steps below:
Ensure to disable notification access on whatsapp, facebook, Instagram,gmail and messenger.

By simply doing this, you are restricting those applications from having access to notification pop up whenever you scroll down through navigation bar.

Now you will have to specifically open any of those apps you
 to get your messages and access all notifications directly from the app.
How to stop notification of any application:
⚫Scroll down notification screen
⚫Hold the application notification from notification screen for some seconds and select don't show notification again. 
Or go to settings  >>>>> apps >>>>> now select application and disable notification access.

Image guide below

Notification disabled for Facebook messenger!
Note: Disabling notification access on this apps stops notifications from pop up. Meaning you will have to visit those apps to get messages and notifications.

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