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Gbwhatsapp transparent apk download

Download GBWhatsApp transparent Prime Apk! 

🔎Simply backup whatsapp chats from official whatsapp settings.
🔎Uninstall official whatsapp and install the downloaded gbwhatsapp transparent prime apk below.

This will only work when the other app has different package otherwise you will get Installation failed error in the process.

Ensure official whatsapp is Uninstalled before installing the below application.
Enjoy the new Ul interface with GBWhatsApp Transparent.

Restore chats back 
🔎 Sign in and verify your number
🔎 when verified simply grant app permission and restore previously backed up chats from pop up screen.

🔎 Theming: You can even theme the
app with the available themes in the
Themes Section (GB settings>>Themes)

🔎 Real-time Update Checker: You can
check the GBWhatsApp Transparent
Prime apk is Up to date or not by
tapping the Real-time Update
Checker. (Gb settings>> Real-time Update Checker)
🔎 Auto Reply Message: This is the
Exclusive Feature of this app as l
think I have not seen this feature in
any other mod. You can set the
message on the settings that will
send automatically when anyone sent
a message to you. (GB settings >> Auto Reply Message)
🔎 Transparent Themes: This themes
based on the colours (GB settings Color full Transparent Themes)
🔎 Appearance: You can Customise the
Conversation Screen, Main/Chat and lots more.

Note: Enjoy awesome chatting experience.

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