How to Prevent whatsapp hack:Trend

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How to Prevent whatsapp hack:Trend

It's no new thing any more as hackers now hack WhatsApp Accounts;
These hackers exploit people on your list and give them fake news and information. 

Having access to your account, they forward misleading and false messages to groups and personal contacts of the victim.
This causes a bad effect to victim, latest trend is mainly forwarding adult images known as nudes to victims contacts.

So droidvilla got everyone in heart and in oder to ensure our visitors are safe and guided we thought of dropping a more secured way of which once activated, you will be sure of safety of your account.

In order to prevent such from happening, kindly follow steps below to get one security step ahead of them.

Follow steps:
⚫Go to settings on your WhatsApp
⚫Click on Account
⚫Click on Two- step verification
⚫Enter pin
⚫Input your email address 
⚫Now press save, that's all. 

By setting up Two step verification, whenever someone wants to change any information on your whatsapp, WhatsApp will ask for the Two-step verification and without it the account won't open.

Now you are sure of safety and for sure guided at last. 
Don't forget to share below and let someone be guided!

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