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Pandora Unveils Its New Voice Mode activation


Pandora unveiled Voice Mode, Pandora describes Voice Mode as a “personalized voice assistant” which lets you “control the Pandora app” and much more besides. And all hands-free with just the sound of your voice.
Pandora’s Voice Mode features a number of different voice commands. All of which begin with, “Hey, Pandora”. Some of Pandora’s voice commands let you control the app, some let you play specific content, and others let you trigger content personalized to you:


“Hey, Pandora: play some music to start my day.”

“Hey, Pandora: play more like this.”

“Hey, Pandora: add this to my slow jams playlist.”

“Hey, Pandora: play the latest Kevin Hart podcast.”

“Hey, Pandora: play something for my workout.”
“Hey, Pandora: play the song that goes ‘Snakes and stones never break my bones.’”

“Hey, Pandora: play something happy for cooking.”
“Hey, Pandora: play some relaxing music for sleeping.”

How to Activate Pandora’s Voice Mode
To activate Voice Mode in the Pandora app, just tap the microphone icon in the search bar at the top-right of the screen. Once enabled, you just need to say, “Hey, Pandora” followed by one of the voice commands listed above, and Pandora will do your bidding.

Pandora’s Voice Mode is available on the Pandora app on Android and iOS. including the free option. However, the voice commands at your disposal may differ based on your tier.

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