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Solution to Airtel network not opening Googleplaystore


For those who are finding it difficult in browisng some applications or during sign up to Googleplaystore while using Airtel network can simply follow the steps below to get the problem solved.

If you just newly inserted your Airtel sim on your new android device or you switched sims to a different port, you are bound to face such problems.

1. Google signing in issues
2. Most sites not being accessible
3. Applications not accessible (eg. LinkedIn, Google Playstore, Branch and All Bank apps) 

How to identify this issue!

➡️Download Branch app and install it!
If you are able to sign up and use its service then you are good!
➡️You can also try using LinkedIn to confirm this post, you will observe images/videos don't display.
➡️Also using any bank app would be denied at the moment!

Simply follow steps below to get it done! 

➡️Go to settings
➡️Sim Card settings/Network Settings
➡️Choose Airtel
➡️Go to APN settings 
➡️Now click on create New APN  and set as shown below

Name: Droidvilla (Can be anything you wish)

Leave the rest just the way they are and press save.

Image Guide Below


Now activate internet connection and try accessing those apps that denied you access to them.
E.g: Bank apps, Branch, LinkedIn and Googleplaystore. You will find all of them working just perfectly well.

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  1. I was also experiencing the same... I had to use psiphon pro lite handler combined with my data... But thanks for this I don't have to kill my battery unnecessarily.....

  2. Amazing how this worked.
    Yes u are genius 😘


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