Google users can now log in without password required

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Google users can now log in without password required

From today Android users will be able to sign into some of its services on Chrome using their fingerprints, instead of a password. "Google"
The feature is set to be rolled out to all users running Android v7 or later in few days time.

According to the help page available on the company’s official website, the feature will also let users to login using any preferred method of their choice to unlock their mobile phone including the use of pin and pattern unlock option. 
"Sounds great"

Just as Android devices currently allow users to access their fingerprint in authenticate of Google Pay purchases and log in to apps. Furthermore , after this feature is implemented, users will also be able to use the same fingerprint to access Google’s web services available on the Chrome browser on the go. 

Google also working forward in adding more feature to Google and Google Cloud services in the near future.

The implementation is to ease its users, since they won’t have to remember passwords.

To confirm the update, for the Android 7 or later version users, can try
 logging into passwords.google.com through its Chrome app. 
The user will  be allowed to modify all the passwords saved by Chrome on the device and choose a different method of authentication without the need of password verification. 

Just know all updates is for a better and brighter tomorrow of technology.

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