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How to accumulate MyMtn App free 500mb bonus

We are going to be going straight to the main purpose of todays post, will be dropping a new trick on how to accumulate MyMTN App 500Mb bonus as much as you like. This trick has been known by few and kept within themselves so today droidvilla is here to make it known to all.

Without further ado. Let's just go straight and get it done. 

Works only on a new mtn or old sim not used before to activate the free 500 mb on MyMtn App before now. 

If you got this right then proceed!

Follow steps and be sure of success. 
⚫Login to MyMTN App with that new MTN number. An OTP will be sent to the number, kindly input the code and tap on Verify

If the number haven't been used before, you will get a pop-up welcome message on the app, otherwise this trick won't work for that number. 

⚫Now, on the main page of the app, tap on the Click To Activate... and press back button immediately. Repeat the process until you are tired.


Ensure you set your network mode to 3G only (2g preferable) just to make sure it doesn't load so fast to stop the process. Any atom of delay before pressing the back button, the accumulation will be terminated for that sim.

Now keep on pressing Activate and immediately pressing the back button. 
⚫To check data balance, SMS 2 to 131.
⚫Accumulated Data is valid for just 24 Hours.

So hurry and be guided.
Let's know how this works for you too!


  1. Got mine from your Telegram channel since yesterday. Thanks blood

  2. Impressive I must say. Thanks

  3. Guess this has stopped working rit??


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