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How to add Facebook fan Page frame into Blogger

Welcome to droidvilla tech. 
Today I will be showing you the easiest way on how to insert Facebook Page into your blog.

By implementing Facebook page into blog can secretly increase the likes on your Facebook Fan Page. 
By doing this, you are sure of a better rank in search engines and also trust from visitors and followers. 

Follow steps bellow to get it done:

⚫Go to your Facebook page and copy page url
⚫Paste the copied Facebook Page URL and choose Facebook Page Layout. 
⚫Now Click on Get Code button.

How to Add the copied Facebook iframe code into blogger:

⚫Copy the generated iframe code
⚫Go to bloggers page
⚫Go to theme layout 
⚫Click Add a Gadget Link.
⚫Select HTML/JavaScript Link.
⚫Now paste the copied code into the textbox and click the save button. 

Now select save and visit your blog to see your work.

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  1. Well explained and illustrated! Thanks


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