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How To Control Android Games Over USB or Bluetooth

Your Android gaming will receive a considerable boost with the help of a controller. If you're playing Fortnite, free fire pubg on your phone, or even something slower-paced like Minecraft, a controller provides more stability than touch controls.
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Generally, you’ll connect a controllers using either a USB cable or Bluetooth to help improve gaming experience.

Follow steps below
Connecting a USB Controller to Android!
If you want to use any USB controller and start playing games on Android, you’ll need a USB-OTG cable

What is a USB - OTG? 
This is a special dongle that essentially adapts a standard USB connector to fit in your phone or tablet.
However, the OTG-USB cable does more than that, even letting you connect all manner of USB devices and drives to Android.

Cool right? 
You’ll first need to purchase a USB-OTG cable. They’re available at a cheaper rate  from Jumia or better still visit a retail store closd to you.
Ensure to  choose a USB-C or micro-USB connector depending on what your phone 📱 uses.
Simply connect the USB-OTG dongle to your Android phone, then connect the USB game controller to that. 

Games with controller support should detect the device, and you’ll be ready to play. Thats all you need.

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