Multi Screen Video Player pro download

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Multi Screen Video Player pro download

Have you ever thought of watching more than 1 video at same time on your Android?
Multi screen video player makes it possible to watch multiple videos at the same time. 

The free version of Multi Screen video player have ads and this disrupts the joy using it, just as pop up ads comes up to the screen once in a while. 
Funny enough, it pops up when the main action is about to take place. 

Good news is that DroidVilla got you covered on this, with the PRO version. 
Now watch multiple videos on single mobile screen.

- Total of 3 video playing mode: single screen, double screen & four screen.
- In dual screen you can play one or two videos at a time. 

- In Four screen you can play one, two, three or four videos at a time. 
- Watch single video normally with single screen option.
- Click + button to add video to any screen while in multi screen option. 
- While multiple video viewing, media controls (volume, play, pause, forward, rewind, mute ) are available for each video separately. 
- Left side swipe up and down for volume control and right side swipe up and down for brightness control.

Multi Screen Video Player PRO

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