Telegram introduces new feature to prevent users from texting too often in a group

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Telegram introduces new feature to prevent users from texting too often in a group

Good news to all group administrators in telegram!
A well known messaging app "Telegram", has introduced a new feature to give group admins a better control over how members engage in the group.

Administrators now have control over how often a member could send a message in the group. The implementation of this new feature by group admins, prevents members from spamming in the group.
Members now have to wait between 30 seconds or more before saying something again in that group.

Telegram, which had more than 200 million monthly active users as @ 2018, said the new feature was aimed at making conversations in groups “more orderly” and raising the “value of each individual message.” It suggested admins to “keep [the feature] on permanently, or toggle as necessary to throttle rush hour traffic.”


5.10: Silent Messages, Group Admin Titles and Slow Mode for Groups
• Hold the Send button to send any message without sound – in case the recipient is sleeping.
• Enable Slow Mode in Group Permissions to control how frequently members can post.
• Set custom titles for admins.
• Tap the paperclip icon to open the redesigned attachment menu.
• Toggle looped playback for animated stickers.
• See preview thumbnails when scrubbing through a video.
• Send animated emoji.

Good news to all telegram users 👥.

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