Twitter reveals a new feature which help users stay updated with specified topics

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Twitter reveals a new feature which help users stay updated with specified topics

Encouraging how new features are being tested and rolled out on most messaging applications.

Just as whatsapp got its new feature rolled out in the latest version update. 

Twitter is known for its uniqueness and great services rendered to its users. We all know Twitter to be the most liked platform due to its flexibility in service. The team of Twitter is always on the verge of Unveiling new and exciting features to its users, which is obviously what is making them different and unique. 
The new feature to be unveiled by twitter is set to help make the platform more interesting for its users. The possibility for users to anchor different topics the same way they ought to follow accounts. This is actually going to terminate boredom and make users feed full of tweets from people and topics which they find interesting. 
The feature is expected to have a new topic-based tweets on their main timeline rather than the normal search option on the Explore tab of the Twitter app.

The new fetaure also allows its users to follow a specific topic they like and then will be made relevant tweets based on the selected topic in the feed of its users. Tweets from the specific topic will be displayed up on the feed even if the user doesn’t follow those accounts.
User can easily sign out of this feature by simply muting the topics. 

Sounds pretty amazing and a thumbs up guys. 

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