5G: The Game Changer

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5G: The Game Changer

Long before now, People from around the world have been accustomed with the 3G network Which later expanded to 4gLTE at least to some extent. Geeks thought that was the best thing to have happened as far as connectivity speed is involved, All that orientation could be changing anytime from Now, all thanks to The latest member of the network connection family. 

The 5G network was bore out All thanks to the growing and ever rising impact of technology. Imagine carrying out surgery in your little home while your surgeon is some 56900km away from you, Funny right? Your answer is the 5G network. Imagine having all the six infinity stone all in your control without the negative part.. Thats how 5G actually works.
All you need all at yourdisposal.
 Boasting of a max speed of 10gbps. At this rate, you can download a 3hrs movie within a short period of 7.3seconds. Now that's some Tony starkish stuff right there πŸ˜‰
Although it varies between locations. The network speed would improve the mode of transacting online with little time interval. Not available until 2020 at the least. This new generation of Network speed will surely Come in handy when performing online tasks.

A noteworthy point is that NOT ALL DEVICE CAN POWER THIS NETWORK. Just the few tech Giant company who have the Domineering power to access it as it may come costly (That's another topic for another time) But for now you will be hearing a lot about this 5G network buzz as the hyping is all coming thick and fast.

Surely this network when fully available would be a massive game changer for years to come.
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