Ntel free browsing reloaded
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Ntel free browsing reloaded

Today we would be dropping a short description on NTEL  unlimited free browsing currently available at the moment. 
Ntel is Nigerians 4G provider that delivers superfast call-connect times, crystal clear VoLTE and high speed internet connection (up to 100mpbs). You can use Ntel on your Android by getting their SIM card or on your Mifi.

Ntel only has network coverages in three states at the moment: Port harcourt, Lagos and Abuja. If you in other states, you cannot make use of Ntel network services, or better still, you have to relocate to a supported area which is not possible.
Ntel free browsing cheat is currently out and some people kept it to themselves and have been sucking the data at the moment. If you have an Ntel SIM, kindly get it ready for activation asap. 

How Can I Activate The Free Browsing On Ntel?

Simply insert your Ntel SIM on your Android or Mifi device and set the APN as NTEL. That’s all you need to start browsing for free.

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  1. Browsing now, let me observe first. Thanks

  2. Working perfectly okay... I don download pa 💯💯💯

  3. Thanks for sharing .
    ItsI no longer working

  4. Bro thanks but had Stopped working from today any other way to reactivate it ....I downloaded like mad

    1. Got started as at yesterday. You can begin again

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Stopped this noon again


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