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Hidden tips on how to recover lots of space in your internal storage.

Finally decided to drop one of the most hidden trick on how to save over 100+mb of internal storage on your Android no root needed.
Works 100% on all Android devices and 100% safe.

Most people always complain for low storage every time and you still don't really know what is eating up your space, but now i will be showing you hidden files that eats up your space.

No 1: Thumbnails
These is a hidden folder on every Android device!
What this folder does is simply to keep a soft copy of almost all your pictures, and an image of all your videos present on your device.

Funny enough it consumes over 200+mb and the files kept are 100% useless!
Imagine having a notification of low storage on your Android and you have some useless files hidden from you, that consumes your space.

Lets go straight on how to delete those unwanted folders.
  • Open your file manager
  • Go to internal storage
Step 1
  • Click on the 3 dotted icon on the top right hand side
Step 2
  • Click on show Hidden files
Step 3
  • Scroll down to where you see Thumbnails.
Step 4
  • You can easily check the size of the folder.

Step 5
  • Simply delete the folder and get back your space.
Step 6
Step 75mb
Regularly check on the thumbnails because they appear each and every time!

Hope this was helpful?
Comment below if this saved you some cool space😉😉.
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